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Real Estate

Fairfield county, Connecticut

W C Gremp LLC is a real estate firm, focused on investment, property management and development.


Founded in 2008, ownership has 20 years’ experience navigating business cycles with a disciplined approach to commercial and residential real estate.

A hands-on approach to investment & management, means taking projects from  initial go no-go analysis through day to day oversight and problem solving to stability.


It’s about good stewardship converting risks into perpetuities.

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ADDRESS: 135 Clarence St. Bridgeport, CT 06608

TEL: (646) 295-8383  |  CARTER@WCGREMP.COM

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Property Management




When developing in Northeastern urban and suburban infill markets, pitfalls may exist such as environmental contamination, structural obsolescence, resets of grandfathered building code, elaborate chain of title, setbacks and property lines to name a few.


Additionally, it takes cooperation with local stakeholders such as neighbors and neighborhood associations, local agencies, and long term tenants for the best long term and mutually beneficial outcomes.

As part of the project’s feasibility study as well with the design, these items need be part of consideration.

Property Management

Your tenants are your valued customers. As such, we get to know them, maintain easy access, and keep spaces well maintained, healthy and safe, all while upholding and enforcing the contractual relationships.


We provide a full-service management experience for our property owners. Be it retail, office, apartment buildings or condo associations, our landlord services include: i) rent collections and intensive A/R management; ii) Managing vendors and other operations, and operating expenses; iii) emergency repairs, and responses to tenants; iv) understanding and recommending capital investments necessary to maintain the improvements; v) Monthly reporting packages, complete with financials and narratives.

Accounting includes: i) budgeting and variance; ii) Bank Rec; iii) Cash Journaling; iv) trial reports for all rent receipt and disbursements.


The Company has historically sought well-located assets at a total cost below replacement value, with prospects of improving fundaments.


Started during the mortgage crisis, it began with distressed investing in residential properties, and still seeks value-add projects, where the total purchase plus deferred costs is less than the dollar value of the stabilized property.

The current property portfolio includes a mix of office retail and residential space in greater Fairfield County, Connecticut. We provide a conduit to passive real estate investment, and detailed local experience.


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